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OPTIMUM FOCUS ionic detox footbath system stimulates the body's cells energy & creates an osmosis process moving cellular waste from the body.


OPTIMUM FOCUS Detox Footbath generates negative oxygen ions absorbed by the body's cells boosting the cell's energy & increasing cellular waste removal, helping the body to restore it’s normal balance. A healthy human cell has a charge approximately 70-90 millivolts or .7-.9 volts, just less than a volt. A cell operates optimally within this range of voltage. Cells that are injured or stressed will measure as low as .1-.2 volts, resulting in both poor waste discharge and poor nutritional absorption. Build up of positive ions from poor diets, stress and toxic environment will lower a cell's voltage.

The OPTIMUM FOCUS Detox Footbath will generate ions that are 35 times more powerful than other detox footbath systems (click here to see why). At 1.60 amps (amperage) for example, the OPTIMUM FOCUS detox footbath is approximately 14v-15v. The OPTIMUM FOCUS ES1550i Standard model will run up to 3.00 amps & the OPTIMUM FOCUS Professional models run up to  5.50 amps. The body absorbs the negative oxygen ions generated from the footbath negating the positive ions (free radicals). The cells are stimulated & energized by the highly charged ions releasing cellular waste & strengthening the cells. The body then begins to function at its normal energy levels.


The Optimum Focus detox footbath uses a similar process that is medically approved called Peritoneal Dialysis which uses osmosis to move cellular waste from the body.

Osmosis is where fluids pass thru a semi-permeable membrane where a solution is less dense & moves to a denser solution.  With the human body, this body fluid transfer moves toxins from the body into the denser solution (the molecule size must be smaller than the pores of the membrane to pass thru).  Protein & other types of molecules that are too large to pass through the membranes pores will not be removed.  During the 35 minute detox footbath treatment, the human body only releases what is small enough and ready to be released and then the rest goes out thru the body's natural elimination system.  Each footbath treatment can affect the body in different ways as it moves towards a healthy balance.  Each person is unique and will react differently to others.  Once the body's energy field is stimulated, the cells release their toxins into the lymphatic system and any cellular waste that is not pulled out  during the 35 minute process, will continue to move out thru the lymphatic system.  Examples of potential reactions are stronger urine smell or color, and/or increased bowel movement which can last from 3 to 5 days after having one treatment.

Himalayan Salt, 1/2 a teaspoon, is added to the footbath water to act as the electrolyte for the Optimizer water array (electrode) and to create the denser saline solution needed for the osmosis process.  The Himalayan Crystal Salt has a balanced crystalline structure, which is easier for the body to metabolize and the 84 trace minerals provide the electrolytes needed for the current to move thru the water.

When the Himalayan Salt is added to the footbath water, the Na (sodium) & the Cl (chloride) immediately break up to form negative ions & positive ions.  The Optimizer water array is designed to maximize the production of negative ions.   The negatively charged ions will be bound with a positive or a less negatively charged element.  The Optimizer array creates 2 streams, one is hydrogen and the other oxygen, in the water.  This and the added salt makes the footbath water denser accelerating the osmosis process.

OPTIMIZER Array (Electrode) - has cathode and anode plates.  The cathode plates is where the electrons from the power source (current) move in to the solution.  The negatively charged cathode attracts the negative ions (cations) in the footbath electrolyte solution.  The positively charged anode is the surface where the reactant that is being oxidized deposits the electrons it loses.  The anode attracts the positively charged ions (anions) in the footbath electrolyte solutions.

Footbath Water (Electrolyte):  The detox footbath saline water is the solution that allows the ions to move between the electrode plates.

NOTE:  The Optimizer electrode charge isn't the same as what is in the electrolytic devices & electrochemical cells.


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