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A Review of Frequency generators vs. the BCX Ultra frequency generator (Part 2)

An issue with many "RIFE" frequency Generators (most are just frequency generators) is the poor quality of Square wave signal. A Square wave is a series of odd order harmonic frequencies w accurate energy balance. The more perfect a Square wave is, the more the harmonics are accurate. Achieving a Square Wave with a Low Rise & fall time is the hardest part to generating a Square Wave. A perfect Square wave would have a rise time of 0 (which is impossible to produce since time is a factor). For example:

  • BCX Ultra Rife Frequency Generator: 150ns to go from 1 to 4 Million Hz!  (that is impressive)

BCX Ultra & Rife Frequency Generators delivery

Some Rife frequency generators are only capable of generating Rife frequencies through electrical conduction instead of thru plasma ray tubes. Although they can generate the frequencies conductively, their system can not deliver the same forms of energies. The BCX Ultra Ray tubes deliver a wide range of energies from conductive electron (elecrtrical) flow, to infrared energies, to to electrostatic fields, electromagnetic fields, to visible light and more. The BCX Ultra delivers these other spectrum of energies with the hand-held ray tubes, Vortex & BT-HFPCM2 beam tube.  


The BCX Ultra delivers the rife frequencies via induction &/or conduction used by Dr. Royal Rife including his 2 business partners (Crane & Marsh). One method is the induction (BCX Ultra hand-held plasma Ray tubes & stand-alone plasma beam tubes). This delivery method was developed by Dr. Royal Rife which outputs a wide range of energies (previously mentioned) delivering frequencies into the body using the non-contact “Induction” means. Scientific studies, known as “Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis”, have been conducted showing frequencies will penetrate the body supporting this method used by Dr. Royal Rife. The other direct-contact method uses “Conduction”, such as metal electrodes, delivering frequencies via a negative & a positive polarity was used by Crane and Marsh. There is a drawback to using the conduction method however it is negated by using an radia (RF) carrier wave. A RF radio carrier wave is used then the low audio frequencies will enter the body and penetrate the connective tissue and cells. For this reason the BCX Ultra delivers a variable carrier wave (1hz to 4 Million hz). Through the use of these two methods the BCX Ultra is able to output Dr. Rife’s RF frequencies. The BCX Ultra has a carrier wave to carry the audio frequency to allow for a deeper penetration into  the connective tissue and the body's cells. The BCX Ultra's RF carrier wave and audio frequencies are variable & can be set from 1hz to 4 Million hz. There are 1300 pre-stored programs with audio frequencies and carrier wave already preset, however any settings can be changed. The BCX Ultra allows you to do your own research/testing. 

About Waveforms and Modulations:

A major difference between the BCX Ultra Rife frequency generator and most other Rife type devices is the way waveforms are generated. Many units use a DSP (digital synthesizing processor) which are only capable of generating Square waves. In order to generate a Sine wave they have to use filtering techniques which is done by "rounding off the Square wave". Obviously this is impossible to generate a pure Sine wave so since the purity of the Sine wave is compromised then most machines wont offer sine waves. Most rife machines have only sine and/or square waves.


The BCX Ultra is designed with completely different electronics. It uses three different Microprocessors where each one creates it's own "Arbitrary Waveform". Arbitrary Waveforms are pure incindentally (ie. Hoyland Waveform) & naturally (ie. Sine, Square, Triangle, Exponential, and Linear) occuring waveforms. The BCX Ultra rie frequency generator reproduces the Hoyland waveform that Hoyland (Royal Rife's assistant) generated with an array of apparatus. The Hoyland Waveform created by the BCX Ultra was designed by digitizing Hoyland’s test data. The BCX Ultra’s 'Odd Order Harmonic' waveform & 'Even Order Harmonics' waveforms are more Arbitrary Waveforms examples. The BCX Ultra's 'Odd Order Harmonic' Waveform output a fundamental, & the 3rd, 5th, & 7th harmonics is in perfect harmonic proportion. The BCX Ultra 'Even Order Harmonic' Waveform outputs a fundamental, & the 2nd, 4th, & 6th harmonics in perfect harmonic proportion.


The BCX Ultra rife frequency generator is capable of producing ANY waveform possible accurately with Arbitrary Waveforms. Harmonics can only be produced accurately if and only if the 'fundamental' waveform is correct.


This is why wave types are imperative to killing off organisms:

"Here's an analogy describing how these various wave signals perform, and how the body physically responds to them. If you put your hand on someone's back and exert a steady pressure, she will shift her weight and learn to compensate for your push. The relatively slow rise and fall times of a sine wave gives the body a chance to recognize, make adjustments for, and eventually ignore the signal. If, however, you suddenly push that person with the same amount of pressure, she will fall. The sudden thrusting quality of triangle and sawtooth waves takes the body by surprise. Similarly, the rapid rise and fall time of a square wave does not give the body a chance to compensate. However, the flat top line of a square wave means that after the body is taken by surprise, there is a relatively long period when the signal is steady. The body (and microbes) may or may not reject the signal. The shape of the wave is important not only because of the rise and fall times of the energy. The wave shape is also important because of the harmonics it produces.... " Nenah Sylver, PHD - The Rife Handbook (2011 Edition)



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