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Vibration Exercise Machines

"30 min workout in just 10 mins"

The Vibra-Trim uses an innovative unique technology using Oscillation & Spiral vibration, called Orbital, similar to a 30 min. workout in only 10 minutes. 



  • Improves muscle flexibility, strength, & toning

  • Improves coordination & balance

  • Helps w post ACL repair

  • Enhances body posture
  • Enhances body's circulation & oxygenation
  • Helps w  blood pressure
  • Boosts HGH and Testosterone levels
  • Decreases Cortisol levels (stress related hormone)
  • Increases tendon strength and bone density
  • Increases weight loss
  • Helps with neurological conditions i.e. Parkinson's
  • Reduces stifness & back
  • Reduces stress effects
  • Increases production of collagen
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Improves injuries
  • Works all the major muscle groups
  • Improves drainage of lymphatic system
Vibratrim Models
  Provibe Elite
Vibratrim Provibe Elite
Like the VT 500 but more power, larger platform..(details, buy on-line)

Whole Body Vibration produces many health benefits. Such as increasing regenerative hormones,  blood circulation, metabolism, bone density  and lymphatic drainage. The overall results are improved strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, muscles & tissue healing, production of collagen and decreased cellulite. You can stand in position  or move in differen positions such as standing up right, kneeling, sitting, lying down or having your hands on the platform. Almost any exercise workout can be performed such as lifting weights, stretch bands, and stretching.


There are two basic types of (WBV) movements:

Vibration Explanation Drawings

Oscillating: Oscillating (pivotal) seesaw movement is a healthier form of vibration since there is less vertical impact on the body (like jogging), reduces stress on organs, & moves the spine in a way that helps loosen it. Oscillating vibration, makes the muscles contract similar to walking. VibraTrim equipment uses the style of motion.

Sprial (Linear): Linear (vertical/tri-planar) movement duplicates the body's jump reflex. Both sides of the body's muscles contract simultaneously creating a very high impact workout. Users with spine and/or joint issues could  find this muscle type contraction uncomfortable and find the oscillating motion better suited for them. Some users report  of increased headaches using this style of motion. Linear vibration are great in improving jump height, which is why it is popular with basketball & football players.



NEW MODEL to the VT-500 w more power!. Larger platform of 26 x 30 inches w 2 dc motors but with more power with 1100 watt dc commercial grade motor & a 2nd motor 500 watt dc commercial grade. Also brushless motor and has a weight capacity of up to 440 lbs. The speeds are controlled w dial. Comes with exercise straps for the upper body, instructional dvd  and instructional booklet.
  • Base Height: 8.5"

  • 2 Motors- Oscillating / Spiral

  • 60 Speeds

  • Oscillating Amplitude: 11m

  • Oscillating Frequency: 5 - 50 Hz

  • Spiral Amplitude: 2 mm

  • Spiral Frequency: 5 Hz - 50Hz

  • G Force: 2.8 – 17.24 Gs

  • Motor HP: 3.0 hp Heavy Duty

  • Motor Watt: 1100

  • Programs: 3 built in, 3 user

  • Color: Black w Blue/Red Lights

  • Weight: 148 Ibs

  • Frame Construction: Steel

  • Platform: 26" x 30"

  • Max Weight Capacity: 440 Ibs.

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Introducing a new Liquid Nutraceuticale that will build cartilage, repair joints and increase mobility. Plus it will improve your skin and increase micro-circulation

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See how this product can optimize results with your Vibratrim by promoting healthy cartilage and connective tissue • Counteracts skin's natural aging and photoaging • Eliminates dryness •Increases skin's collagen content •Improves skin's microcirculation, hydration and skin tone. See below for before & after pics w video. We call the fountain of youth! Order now

TESTIMONIALS:  Don (owner of Vibratrim) " I have found a way to get even more out of my VibraTrim machine. I would like to start by giving you my personal story about using my VibraTrim.....  [more]
I have spinal stenosis in my lower back and from 1995 to 2006 I had to get steroid injections every three to four months to relieve the severe pain. Wanting to eliminate the steroids, as I knew they weren’t good for me in the long run, I started searching for a natural alternative to the costly ($2000) injections. I came across Whole Body Vibration and saw dramatic differences in my own body. The bending & stretching exercises while standing on my VibraTrim keep the vertebrae from pinching the nerve and allows the disc to return to normal size. The end result is that I haven’t been back to see that spine specialist in the last 7 years as I no longer have back pain. This was the first major benefit for me.
Now for the second benefit. About the same time in 2006, I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I needed a total hip replacement. After viewing my x-ray he showed me I had no cartilage in my right hip. I walked with a slight limp from time to time because of it, but I did not want to get a hip replacement. The next five years I managed to maintain my hip with the daily use of my VibraTrim. The vibration kept the hip lubricated as it helped to release the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints but it did not grow any new cartilage. So in Oct of 2011, I finally gave in and had the total hip replacement as it was simply wore out. The day after the surgery my surgeon told me that my hip was a complete mess. There was no cartilage. It was bone on bone and he was surprised after seeing my joint that I could walk as well as I did before the operation. However, he also told me that I had the strongest bones he had ever seen for a guy my age and that I wouldn’t have any problem with this new hip implant. He also discharged me from the hospital less than 48 hours after being operated on. I was up, walking around and doing things that people who were there 4-5 days weren’t able to do. So he sent me home. I missed the special meal and all the other stuff that this hospital provides to people that go through a joint replacement. Home was still a better place to be. I used a walker for 2½ days after coming home. But at that point I found I was carrying the walker rather than using it. So, I put it aside and didn’t use anything else from that point on. I went back to the surgeon for the normal 10 day follow-up visit. When I walked in to see him, he asked where my walking assistance was. I told him that I hadn’t used anything for the last five days. He said that’s unusual and ask me to walk down the hall for him. When I got back, he said: “I don’t know how you did that but you are at least 5 weeks ahead of the normal schedule.” He removed all limitations from me right then. He also concluded by saying: “You can go skiing next week if you think you can.” I can only attribute my rapid recovery to my daily use of the VibraTrim. I began using it again three days after coming home even though, at the time, a joint replacement was on the VibraTrim contraindications list. I figured that it was my hip and my machine. I had no one else to blame but myself, if something went wrong. It didn’t. It accelerated the healing process. Don’t stop using your VibraTrim on a daily basis.
The third question that I normally get from people looking at whole body vibration machines after: “Does it build bone density?” Yes. “Does it increase lymphatic drainage?” Yes. “Does it increase cartilage?” No, it doesn’t. That question kept prompting me to look for something that would increase cartilage. I found something from one of my VibraTrim users that does just this. Fortunately, I found it in the nick of time as I started having pain in my left knee that was also making a clicking noise that sounded just like I was wearing a pair of flip flops but I wasn’t. I went back to see the same orthopedic surgeon. After taking another x-ray of that knee, he told me (I know you already guessed it): “You need knee replacement because you don’t have any cartilage in that knee.” I told him that I was going to pass on this joint replacement as I was going to grow new cartilage instead. I know by the look on his face that he thought I was crazy. Well, that was four months ago now and the clicking sound is gone, the joint pain is gone and I am walking normally again. This product that I am taking was developed specifically for joint health but it does oh-so-much more than that. Here is my thought process and let’s see if you agree. We know the benefits that the VibraTrim gives to our body by increasing our bone strength, bone density, flexibility, mobility, coordination, muscle strength, strengthening and enhancing our posture, balance and coordination plus all of the other benefits that I could talk about for hours. This is all an external treatment of the body. What if we combined an internal treatment that could affect every cell of our body, wouldn’t that be the ideal solution to great health?

Well, this all-natural, safe product that is building my cartilage will do just that and a lot more. The major components of this unique product are: Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin Sulfate & Type II Collagen Proteins. You could say these are the building blocks for every cell in your body. For example, did you know that Hyaluronic Acid surrounds the DNA of every cell? Unfortunately, it starts declining from the day we are born. The Collagen increases until we are about 35 and then continues to decrease, which is why we get wrinkles. It sounds like we are all on a slippery slope and we are. There is a solution though. This product is a nutraceutical. You are probably aware that the FDA does not regulate nutraceuticals but our neighbors to the north do. In the USA all nutraceutical manufacturers have to put on any marketing materials: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. However, Canada’s National Health Product Directorate (NHPD), the world’s most stringent regarding dietary supplement regulations, approved the following claims: helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis of the hip & knee; maintain healthy skin; metabolize fats & proteins; development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth & gums; connective tissue formation; wound healing; maintain Good health; supports younger looking skin, healthy aging & active joints. This is not what the company says but what the Canadian Government said after their extensive testing. I feel that if I didn’t tell you about this product I would be letting you down as a customer of VibraTrim.