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BCX Ultra LITE Unit

BCX ULTRA Rife Machine – Lite Unit

BCX Ultra Lite Pkgs
$3695 ($3510 cash)

The new BCX Ultra Lite unit is a combination of the BCX Ultra unit & HFPCM2 High Powered beam tube in to 1 unit & runs the electrodes (metal footplates, metal cylinders, & gel pads, microcurrent garments **sold separately). However it doesn't run the other BCX Ultra accessories
• BCX Ultra Unit (110-220v, 4Mhz , 150 watts) W DVD, Manual, 2yr wrnty, 60day return
w BT-HFPCM2 High Powered Plasma Beam Tub
OPTIONS: Add Std Electrode Access pkg ADD - Metal Cylinders hand held - Metal Footplates - Gel Pads (only $200)
OPTIONS: Microcurrent Garment Access pkg ADD - Knee Garment- Elbow Garment - Hand Garment - Feet Garment (only $250)


- Generates Plasma discharge   minor Electric Field
- Carrier: 1Hz to 4 MHz
- Frequency: 1Hz to 4 MHz
- Wave Form: (square, sine, etc.)
- Variable Intensity
- Power: 125 microjoules/pulse (150 watts, 4 MHz both carrier & frequency)
- Tube Type: Double bubble Tube

click on image for detailed specs


1) Wave Types: Wide Range of Wave Types including our exclusive Square 'Pulse' Wave. Wave Types are imperative to kill of organisms and here is why details .

2) Rife Frequencies: Runs ALL ORIGINAL RIFE Frequencies. BCX Ultra runs from 1Hz up to 4MHz for both the Frequency & Carrier Wave. NOTE: 4MHz is enough to run Rife's Original Frequencies

3) Accessories: Wide Range of Apparatuses/Electrodes both included and optional . The BCX Ultra Deluxe runs all BCX accessories. The BCX Ultra Lite includes the high powered plasma beam tube and can also run at the same time the BCX electrodes and BCX microcurrent garments. We have the most powerful beam tube on the market outputting 150 watts!

4) Handheld Plasma Raytubes: Our well known powerful Hand-held Plasma Ray Beam Tubes (BCX Ultra Deluxe unit only), Our famous hand-held plasma ray tubes are made of noble gases containing a special mix of argon, krypton, xenon, neon. We do NOT use helium. Why do we not use helium? Because the helium molecule is so small that the helium gas leaks from the glass tubes diminishing the power & light causing the tube to not last very long. We have done extensive research to come up with the proper gas mix to produce the optimal results and durability.

5) Upgrades: Any Software Upgrades, just send in your unit to get the latest &  greatest. Future option will be through your computer.

6) Radio Carrier Wave: Radio Carrier Wave &  Gating Wave. A Radio Carrier wave is absolutely necessary in order to carrier the frequency wave deep in to the body. If a unit does not have a Radio Carrier wave then it is basically useless. Royal Rife himself used a Radio Carrier wave.

7) Square Pulse Wave: Our unique 'Square Pulse Wave' - Pulses a Square Wave. We have found this to more effective than the Standard Square Wave and better results are being seen with the die off of pathogens.

8) Amplifier: Amplifier &  Frequency Generator are both built-in to our BCX Ultra unit. Our previous models were built separately.

9) Accessories: Exciting WIDE Variety of Accessories that connect with the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit. The BCX Ultra Deluxe unit you can combine up to 2 electrodes simultaneously with any of the other BCX accessories. The BCX Ultra Lite is able to run the BCX electrodes and BCX microcurrent garments simultaneously with the plasma tube.

10) Longest producing rife manufacturer for over 23yrs starting with the Biotec 2000, BCX211, BCX411. Each year we invest thousands on research & development. We stand behind our products w our 60 day return (10% restock fee)

11) Technology: We use Crystal circuitry board technology to get an exact frequency and we have the fastest surge rate of any unit. BCX Ultra: 150ns 1Hz to 4MHz . What does a faster surge rate translate to? It means better results for killing off organisms.

12) INDIVIDUALLY CALIBRATED, Flawless craftsmanship & built with high quality parts. The BCX products are built right here in the United States. Our technicians test and calibrate each unit before it is shipped to you. We ensure the BCX Ultra devices have the highest accuracy and resolution as detailed on our technical specs for all of our BCX products including the BCX accessories.

13) Sophisticated CHAINING: Select multiple programs to run per session. Great for running while you are sleeping and practitioners.

14) Sophisticated SWEEP both Carrier   Frequency   more (for more click on Learn tab above).

15)  BCX Ultra Delivery Method: The BCX Ultra uses both induction & conduction methods for delivering rife frequencies used by Royal Rife and business partners (John Crane and John Marsh). For more details click on the LEARN tab above.

16) Unlimited Customer Support  access to our professional practitioners

17) Money-back guarantee: 60 days, 10% restock fee, Warranty: 3 yrs


It is very important that the unit you choose has plasma ray tubes. Royal R. Rife used ray tubes and so did Hoyland. A unit that has plasma ray tubes can go a lot higher in power and a deeper more powerful penetration.  

2 types of plasma tubes: A hand held plasma ray tube has direct contact with the body and is meant to go into the body vs. the stand-alone plasma ray beam tube which radiates out into the air .
• The plasma ray tubes use a higher voltage than electrical conductive devices (ie metal electrode accessories) to push the frequencies deeper into the body using photons (light) as a carrier vs electrons (current). There is also the magnetic effect produced by gas filled tubes (that can be tested) especially when combined with Radio RF Carrier wave penetrating deep into the body.
•  The stand-alone ray beam tubes which can go higher in power however you have the distance factor and typically outputs in a 360 degree radius. Even though the stand alone ray beam tubes are higher in power than a hand held ray tube, it is suggested you be near the tubes to get better results.
•  The hand held plasma ray tubes conduct the RF frequency and audio range frequency into the body. With conductors (that is completing the circuit when you hold both glass tubes) you are guaranteeing to complete the circuit through your body..

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I Knocked out MRSA & Staph .. no Antiobiotics!

"I have seem amazing results using the microcurrent facelift wands. I have one eyelid and eye brow drooping lower than the other. With using the facelift microcurrent wands it raised it and is now even. I had cheeks starting to droop around the corners of the mouth and this has lifted dramatically. I am seeing less wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I love it!! OH yes and then a byproduct of the treatments my vision improved and I had to lower the contact prescription 3 times!

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